Podcast: The future starts here

Denna podcast är en del i ett strategiarbete för hela Löfbergs Coffee Group, ett arbete med syfte att förstå hur världen kommer att fungera 2030, och vår roll i den. Och givetvis vill vi dela med oss. Lyssna och dela gärna. Och hör av dig till oss om du vill snacka vidare.

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“The future starts here”– Our view on 2030 and beyond

This podcast, “The Future starts here” is a result of a work done by us, the Löfbergs Coffee Group. An extensive work with the purpose to understand the future, aiming towards 2030 and beyond, and our role in it. We have used a so-called PESTLE analysis. PESTLE is an analysis method based on insights from behavioural studies, instead of historical data, to understand long-term trends in society at large.

PESTLE is an acronym for six perspectives: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental perspectives. The starting point for all the perspectives is that you study the human behaviour within each perspective, what they are driven by, how they have developed historically and which surrounding trends affect the development of their behaviour.

We have chosen 2030 as the focal point for our investigation of the future. This means that everything you will hear in this podcast describes an imagined world around or just beyond 2030. Within each part, we have chosen to emphasize three trends we believe will set the tone within the perspective. In total, this statement comprises 18 behavior trends that we believe describes the direction of society at large beyond 2030.

This analysis is a fundamental part in an ongoing strategy work for Löfbergs Coffee Group towards 2030, a strategy that will be launched during 2020.

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